Lebanese high-rise boom shows concrete estimating software can reduce expenses

Commercial construction across Lebanon has been booming recently. Due to a dense population and high price of land, many developers in the country are building high-rise structures. It has certainly been a positive development for the local industry but also one that presents its own issues.

At the recent Concrete in the Middle East conference held in Beirut, industry experts discussed a variety of new concrete technologies that may help contractors reduce spending on the material that is heavily used in high-rise construction, AMEinfo reported. Finding out how to minimize the use of concrete in skyscraper construction is important because large amounts of the resource are necessary for such projects.

According to the California Academy of Sciences, modern concrete is much less advanced than concrete used by the ancient Romans. While Roman concrete made 2,000 years ago is still in use, modern concrete only lasts about a century. Today’s concrete is much more pollutant as well, as the source noted that 7 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions comes from concrete creation.

Despite a lack of new modern concrete technology, contractors can use concrete estimating software to help control the use of the material. In particular, projects that use large amounts of concrete – such as Lebanese high-rises – can significantly benefit from reducing the presence of the material on site.